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How old does my child have to be to race U14?

  • 12 or 13

What kind of skis does my child need?

  • One pair of skis is fine at this level but two pairs of skis is the norm. Length will be determined by the ski shop you deal with and the size of your child. If you have to choose between a Giant Slalom or Slalom ski pick the Slalom ski because courses at this level have many tight/small turns.

Does my child need a Downhill speed suit?

  • Yes

Does my child need shin guards?

  • Yes

Does my child need a teeth/mouth guards?

  • Mouth guards are optional, but highly recommended. Mouth guards help prevent teeth damage, but also dramatically reduce the chances of a concussion.

Does my child need a helmet chin guard?

  • Chin guards are optional and only beneficial when cross-blocking break-away slalom gates. Chin guards potentially represent a hazard when speed is introduced, and should not be worn during free skiing days or in giant slalom events.

Does my child need pole guards?

  • Pole guards are optional and only beneficial when cross-blocking break-away slalom gates.
  • Pole guards potentially represent a hazard when speed is introduced, and should not be worn during free skiing days or in giant slalom events.

What type of helmet does my child need?

  • The Helmet should cover the head and ears with hard plastic not soft padding like some all mountain helmets.

Do I need to tune my child’s skis?

  • At a minimum every three weeks have your child’s skis tuned. Most athletes sharpen and wax their skis in preparation for race days.
  • Keeping your child’s ski edges sharp will help them develop the confidence that’s necessary to commit to a carving ski that all good racers have. 

Where do we meet our coach?

  • You meet outside on the Blue Mountain INN patio at 8:45 am.

Is lunch supervised?

  • No, lunch is not supervised. Athletes eat with their family. Coaches eat in the staff room unless they are eating with their families. 

What time does the team have lunch?

  • Generally speaking most teams break for lunch from 11:30-12:30
  • Some coaches may change times to avoid busy days or to make better use of gate training time.
  • Parents will be notified of any changes at the morning drop off or at the end of the day before.

What time do we pick up our child at the end of the day?

  • Pick up at end of day is 3:00 pm.

What are away races and how many do we have?

  • U14 teams usually have five races including Finals that are at other ski clubs. This allows them to experience other terrain and meet new friends.

How is the start list for each race determined?

  • Your athlete’s coach selects the order and generally changes it for each race so all athletes have a chance of skiing a smooth course, at least once during the season.

How are the teams selected?

  • Teams are selected from the results of the time trials, skill tests during Christmas Camp, past results (Club Championships) and coach’s knowledge of each athlete.

What are time trials?

  • Time trials are held on the final day of the Christmas Camp. It consists of two timed Giant Slalom runs.

How many athletes per team?

  • Ideally there are 13 athletes per team but we are able to have a minimum of 7. 

How are the coaches selected?

  • Coaches are selected based on the experience they have at this level. I always try to have a veteran coach with any new coaches that are just starting their coaching career. 

How come my child doesn’t train gates every day all day?

  • Athletes ages 12-13 are recommended to spend free skiing with coach 50% of the time and gate or course training 50% of the time.

Will coaches be riding the lift with my child?

  • Sometimes but athletes at this age can board and disembark on their own and many times during gate training sessions the coaches will stay at the course and the athletes will continuously cycle around on their own or with their friends.

How can I help be a good athlete parent?

  • Be supportive no matter what.
  • Only have positive things to say at a competition.
  • Acknowledge your child’s fears.
  • Respect your child’s coach.
  • Be loyal and supportive of your child’s team.
  • Your child should have goals besides winning.
  • Do not: impose your ambitions on your child, coach your child, criticize the officials and expect your child to become an Olympian.

How do I volunteer for our home race?

  • Talk to your team manager and he or she will assign you a job to do.

What are the jobs to do at a home race?

  • You can become a Starter, Gate Judge, Time Recorder, Announcer, Scoreboard Writer, Bib Collector, Side Slipper and Coat Runner.

How can I become a certified Race Official?

  • At various times during the season courses are offered through AOA (www.alpineontario.ca) to help you become certified.
  • A level 1 course takes 1 day to complete.

How do you determine the cost of the program?

  • The cost of the program works out to roughly $63 per day for coaching and equipment.

What is AOA?

  • Alpine Ontario Alpin is the Provincial Sport governing body for alpine skiing.
  • All athletes at this age must register with AOA. (www.alpineontario.ca)
  • AOA/ACA fees will be charged to each athlete upon registration with AOA. 

How do I sign up for an AOA camp?

  • You can register online at www.alpineontario.ca
  • The AOA Tremblant Camp in December has become our pre-season camp of choice for Jozo racers, families, and coaches.  

Why don’t we run a March Break race camp?

  • In the past registration has been low because families go on holidays or athletes try their luck in the Freestyle Park and Pipe Camp. Also during this time there are usually special events at other clubs that our athletes enter.
  • You will be notified if a daily training session has been added when requested by a coach to prepare for one of the special events.

How does my child enter the Club Championships?

  • If your child is in our programs they are automatically entered in the Club Championships.

How is the start list for the Club Championships determined?

  • The start list is determined by age, then sex (with females starting before males), then a random draw.

What should my child be doing in the off-season to get ready for next year?

  • Athletes at this age are recommended to be active doing other sports at least 290 days of the year.
  • Sports involving Agility, Balance, and Coordination will be the most beneficial to young ski racers.
  • Beginning at this age some form of preseason camp for 5-10 days is recommended.
  • Many of our Jozo athletes attend the AOA camp in December at Tremblant.

What waivers do I need to sign?

  • Once you register your child for the program here at Blue you will be sent a waiver to be filled out but you also must register and sign a waiver with AOA to be able to race on one of our teams.

What is U14 Division 1 Individual Racing?

  • U14 Division 1 Individual racing is an opportunity for the best athletes from all clubs to race against each other on the same courses.
  • These athletes are trying to qualify for the Provincial Championships by accumulating points based on their results in the AOA Series.
  • To best prepare the athletes for this level of racing we offer a comprehensive training program that runs from the middle of December to the end of March that includes all coaching during camps, and at all races and training midweek or weekends.

What is the U14 Provincial Championships?

  • The U14 Provincial Championships are when the best 12-13 year olds from all over Ontario come together to race. They are chosen from the fastest athletes of the U14 Division 1 O-CUP Individual races. Sometimes this event is held in Ottawa, Sault Ste. Marie or Thunder Bay.
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